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Pine Green Academy

Shaw Education Trust is a growing multi academy trust sponsored by Shaw Trust. We lead and manage academies in all phases, all sectors and in all communities.

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Students are provided with individual intervention programmes that are bespoke to their development.

Students are firstly provided with an ‘Emotion Coaching’ curriculum that

allows students to develop skills of emotional intelligence and emotional

regulation. During tutor time, students are asked to reflect from

successes and difficulties from the day before.


Students are encouraged to recognise emotions associated with events

and coaching is provided to identity emotions and develop appropriate

responses. Students are also provided with interventions that are

identified by Education and Health Care Plans.


At Pine Green we recognise that student need support not only with

‘Social, Emotional & Mental Health’ needs, but students will need

support with ‘Communication & Interaction’, ‘Cognition & Learning’

difficulties and ‘Physical and Sensory’ difficulties. At Pine Green

Academy, students have entitlement to access 1:1 or small group

interventions based on the difficulties they have. Interventions are

scheduled throughout the year so that students continue to grow and

develop throughout their time at school.


Our interventions and lessons are specially designed so that opportunity

exists for students to receive bespoke support after the completion of

interventions so that no learning gaps occur.

“It’s important that students at Pine Green Academy take steps to improve all areas of their lives”

We offer an extended range of interventions in the following areas. We are also actively training our Teaching Assistant Team to increase the offer of interventions that we currently provide. As our students often content with multiple difficulties, we offer interventions within all areas of the Special Educational Needs ‘Code of Practice’.


Cognition & Learning

- Rapid Phonics & Rapid Plus Phonics

- Catch up Reading

- 1:1 Catch up sessions in English & Maths

- Numeracy & Literacy Interventions

- Precision Literacy & Numeracy

- Handwriting


Communication and Interaction

- Emotional Literacy

- Talkabout

- Circle of Friends

- Social Skills

- Speech & Language Support

- ASD Awareness & Support


Social, Emotional & Mental Health

- Active Mentoring

- Boxing

- Girls’ Group

- Self-esteem

- Bereavement

- Anger management

- Anxiety

- Resilience

- Conflict Resolution

- Daily Mentoring

- Comic Strip Conversations


Physical & Sensory

- Cool Kids Physiotherapy

- Handwriting Intervention.


We also work with a number of external agencies to provide further support to our students including ‘Reflections’, ‘EYES’ & ‘YOT’. We also employ a music tutor and a graffiti artist to