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Pine Green Academy

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Careers guidance is extremely important for young people in today’s complex world of opportunities.

At Pine Green Academy, our mission is for all pupils to achieve their personal best and aspire to achieve their desired career choices to contribute to society and lead happy and fulfilling lives.

In careers education, this translates as every pupil making the right choices for their future. We support pupils in making well-informed decisions by providing access to differentiated, impartial and independent information and guidance about the range of options (including academic, vocational, apprenticeships) that are most likely to help them to achieve their ambitions. By helping pupils with decisions at crucial stages, informing them of all their options and introducing them to the world of work, we aim to prepare them for adulthood and employment whichever pathway they choose.

Aims of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) at Pine Green Academy:

· to raise pupils’ aspirations and to broaden their horizons

· to inspire and to empower pupils to make informed realistic decisions at key transition points in learning and work

· to provide good quality independent and impartial careers advice to pupils which inspires them and motivates them to fulfil their potential

· to provide advice and guidance which is in the best interests of the pupil

· to provide opportunities to work in partnership with employers, training providers, local colleges and others to provide opportunities to inspire pupils through real-life contact with the world of work

· to develop enterprise and employability skills including skills for self-employment

· to support inclusion, challenge stereotyping and promote equality of opportunity.


The Academy Careers Plan sets out how the Academy provides a suitable and meaningful careers programme which provides our pupils with the knowledge and inspiration to succeed in their chosen career paths. The Academy Careers Plan is based on the CDI Framework for Careers, Enterprise and Employability (2018) and the DfE document "Careers Guidance and Inspiration in Schools" (January 2018).

Ralph Waldo Emerson “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to.” Eleanor Roosevelt “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”


Key Stage 4 careers education involves lessons regarding the world at work in reference to the 8 Gatsby benchmarks, personalised career counselling in liaison with Connextions, opportunities for real world-work experience, assistance in creating career plans using the compass+ platform, and detailed destination information about post-16 educational and training options.

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